Partaking in Olympic arts events, yet still conscientious objector of the Games

I partook. I experienced the crowds and the excitement…
The good thing about the Vancouver Olympics is the amount of free music and art events on throughout the city…so many to choose from and lots of locations too. Chris and I went downtown on one of the nights when it was still raining. We really wanted to see Wilco, for FREE! We decided to venture out without any expectations since we didn’t know how many people would be lined up for the list of bands playing that night at the Yaletown venue of LiveCity Vancouver. The line-up stretched for many blocks but, fortunately only took a 20 minute wait. The security at the gates was exactly like airport security, plastic tubs and all…which, in my opinion, makes the most sense since “airport” is a word understood across many languages. There were, of course, line-ups for pricey food and waiting times seemed to be the main topic of conversation amongst international visitors. The rain continued off and on, but nice and light. The two screens on either side of the stage were massive and unbelievably crisp and clear – a good advertisement for Panasonic digital products…speaking of advertising, there was plenty of it…everywhere you looked there was a logo of some kind…Panasonic, Acer, Samsung, and Coca-Cola each had their own building at this particular venue. You could even wait in a line-up to go on a tour in the Coca-Cola building, for what reason, I don’t know. Wilco came out to the theme song of the Price is Right….very fitting for a band of their stature…gotta pay the bills. Regardless of my slightly cynical tone, I support any chance for highlighting the arts in this city, and it’s nice to experience some of the new energy brought to the city. You won’t find me out protesting in the streets, but I did hear of a sign someone has up in their window stating – “I’m a conscientious objector of the Olympics” – I guess that works for me too.

From within the crowd…


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