in-between (new video work)

in-between (2010) is a reflection of the visually intimate, yet complex abstract experience we have with the media we encounter and interact with. It is an experimental video that merges still and moving images using a variety of techniques, from painted textures and 8mm film to slide projections and website screenshots. The layered results could be described as a painterly reenactment of how we perceive and participate with media today, the temporal moments of this process, full of remixed glances and repetitive movements. The essence of time is questioned, not only in terms of combining old and new media but in terms of our attention span. The viewer is expected to question the nature of the media forms in front of them, a hybrid of technologies from the past and present.

“Video poets (or as we know them, video remixers) find quality in selecting from pre-existing material, much like poets borrow from their respective literary traditions.” [source]


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