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Vectorial Elevation: reflective moments from within the spectacle

The city of Vancouver is now recovering from the gigantic spectacle that took place last month. As stated in earlier blog posts, the international spotlight allowed for more public artworks to be shown. The abundance of light-based installations situated in public spaces throughout the city might have encouraged visitors to experience creativity (did they? not sure), however, they also added to the visual spectacle of our city that was projected to the rest of the world (at least I hope they did). Some pieces perhaps contained more of a critical message (many throughout the downtown Eastside) while others were meant to be more celebratory (ideally positioned for the cameras). For a good overview of the art on display throughout the Olympic time period, click here.

Vectorial Elevation, by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, is a piece that is more on the celebratory side of things, funded by the Cultural Olympiad. It does, however, make one think about the spectacle of light projections and when and how we include them in our society. The piece was positioned over English Bay for the duration of the Olympics, and consisted of searchlights that were ultimately controlled by participants who submitted geometric configurations through the internet. People from all over the world interacted with the work online by creating personal designs for the light beams, which they could then view and archive on a personal webpage. Continue reading

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