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We Live in Public: Who’s in Charge of ‘It’?

Lately this blog serves as a place for me to start some sort of articulation of ideas about art/ media projects…specifically ones that connect to larger themes I am exploring about digital art practices and pedagogy. I’m interested in how people are using technology, how they are producing things that say something about our relationships with technology. I am of the mind that we can learn from artists….that artists can reveal things that others can not see or perhaps do not realize in the same way. Within my own work I am critical of technology, yet I intentionally use the technology…hopefully addressing tensions that exist…a desire to be both with and without it and our inevitable dependency on “it”…the struggle for a harmonious relationship with “it”. I think we have to be careful of “it”…we need to be in charge of our own filters. As McLuhan stated in 1969, we need to recognize that technology is in fact an extension of the human body, an extension of ourselves. We need to see ourselves in the technology….but I’d rather we be in charge of how we go about seeing our reflection, rather than “it” being the one in charge.

I saw We Live in Public a couple of weeks ago and although I immediately knew it was a film relevant to my conceptual meanderings on this blog, I chose to let it stew in my brain for awhile before commenting. I’m still unsure what to think….so I guess I’ll just use this post to think out loud/ in public about some things…. Continue reading


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Learning from Vancouver

I attended a very interesting exhibition and symposium this past weekend at the Western Front entitled Learning from Vancouver. The intention of the symposium was to negotiate current mediatizations and images of the city, and to create dialogue about these issues. I attended talks exploring issues of technology, public and social space, and concepts which extend on”Vancouverism. The current moment we find ourselves in – the Olympics – was, if not incorporated into discussions, undoubtedly in the back of everyone’s minds throughout the event.

The highlight of the weekend was meeting my longtime pen pal and virtual mentor, Tom Sherman. Tom was the keynote presenter and spoke about “Media Art in 2025.” It was a quite a big deal for me to meet him in person – we’ve stayed in touch via email ever since he sent me a personal letter in response to my first published feature article back in 2001.

During a panel discussion on Saturday, Henry Tsang and Glen Lowry used the youtube video below as a backdrop to and entry way into their discussion of the global perception and appropriation of the city of Vancouver. The video has become very popular, and draws attention to the spectacle this city is about to become…the clock is ticking (and I’m preparing my bunker!).

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