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Learning from Vancouver

I attended a very interesting exhibition and symposium this past weekend at the Western Front entitled Learning from Vancouver. The intention of the symposium was to negotiate current mediatizations and images of the city, and to create dialogue about these issues. I attended talks exploring issues of technology, public and social space, and concepts which extend on”Vancouverism. The current moment we find ourselves in – the Olympics – was, if not incorporated into discussions, undoubtedly in the back of everyone’s minds throughout the event.

The highlight of the weekend was meeting my longtime pen pal and virtual mentor, Tom Sherman. Tom was the keynote presenter and spoke about “Media Art in 2025.” It was a quite a big deal for me to meet him in person – we’ve stayed in touch via email ever since he sent me a personal letter in response to my first published feature article back in 2001.

During a panel discussion on Saturday, Henry Tsang and Glen Lowry used the youtube video below as a backdrop to and entry way into their discussion of the global perception and appropriation of the city of Vancouver. The video has become very popular, and draws attention to the spectacle this city is about to become…the clock is ticking (and I’m preparing my bunker!).

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Lit up

Ken Lum’s “Monument” piece was installed a few days ago at Clark & 6th, just down the street from where I live. They lit it up today. It’s a lot larger than I thought it would be, but maybe that’s because I’m viewing it from only a few blocks away. I’m sure it will get the town talking…



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