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Self Process Post Facebook

Is there a way of understanding the poetic construction of selfhood, as it occurs in autobiographical narration, while recognizing the passion, purpose, depth, and personal significance that frequently accompanies it, without positing that sort of autonomy Author-Origin enshrined in romantic thought? (Freeman, 1999, p. 110)

Human being, Gadamer argues, is a being in language. It is through language that the world is opened up for us. We learn to know the world by learning to master a language. Hence we cannot really understand ourselves unless we understand ourselves as situated in a linguistically mediated, historical culture. (Malpas, 2009)

Dude, fuck Facebook, seriously. (Stan, South Park episode, 2010).

Well, I did it….I finally joined Facebook last month. Just in time for all the bad press the company is getting for privacy issues, too. I have resisted joining FB since it first emerged on the scene, but lurked under my husband’s profile for “research” purposes. I’ve decided to analyze this personal resistance, along with ongoing research into a philosophy of the self in a networked society. Selfpost | Postself is an ongoing project that explores not only the relationships between the above quotations, but the process of becoming a networked self and an understanding of the technologies we use in the process. Selfpost is the outing of my self to my many social networks within Facebook, adhering to a personal manifesto; Postself is the documentation of this experience on a blog that contains autobiographical musings filled with critical inquiry. This piece is also linked to a Facebook page on which the blog postings are imported and discussions are created by both the artist and participants, in order to instigate critical reflection from within the network itself. Continue reading

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Vectorial Elevation: reflective moments from within the spectacle

The city of Vancouver is now recovering from the gigantic spectacle that took place last month. As stated in earlier blog posts, the international spotlight allowed for more public artworks to be shown. The abundance of light-based installations situated in public spaces throughout the city might have encouraged visitors to experience creativity (did they? not sure), however, they also added to the visual spectacle of our city that was projected to the rest of the world (at least I hope they did). Some pieces perhaps contained more of a critical message (many throughout the downtown Eastside) while others were meant to be more celebratory (ideally positioned for the cameras). For a good overview of the art on display throughout the Olympic time period, click here.

Vectorial Elevation, by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, is a piece that is more on the celebratory side of things, funded by the Cultural Olympiad. It does, however, make one think about the spectacle of light projections and when and how we include them in our society. The piece was positioned over English Bay for the duration of the Olympics, and consisted of searchlights that were ultimately controlled by participants who submitted geometric configurations through the internet. People from all over the world interacted with the work online by creating personal designs for the light beams, which they could then view and archive on a personal webpage. Continue reading

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Reflective Space: Feeding into Ourselves


I’m searching for interesting contemporary works/projects that use the internet (specifically social media) as a tool for generating information/knowledge about either its viewer/participant/user (individual or community), or perhaps challenge this notion. I am particularly interested in artists that are combining online technologies with self-reflective practices (either self-reflection of the artist or self-reflection of the viewer/participant/user). Also interested in non-digital works that explore these ideas.

Such works might relate to:
Eduardo Kac
Nell Tenhaaf
Perry Hoberman
Olia Lialina
Evan Roth
Rachel Perry Welty

Any ideas? Please share…

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Art in the Age of Networked Learning (slideshow)

Dialogical Balance screenshot

Below is an annotated version of the slideshow for a session I presented on June 17th, 2009 at the Canadian e-Learning Conference.

Short Description:
Art educators are capable of seeing new pedagogical possibilities when working with digital technology in curriculum, which suggests that their work might benefit the future of networked learning. This session will demonstrate how online technologies are being used to foster meaningful discourse and original imagery within studio art courses at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. These particular courses offered online are not about using the computer to make art, but rather an understanding of visual principles and conceptual themes. In many cases students use traditional media and then document the work for online presentation. Although the lack of human contact adds challenges to the teaching and learning process, our experience has revealed success in quality of work, active participation, and critical thinking.

Click to view pdf of slideshow

Find out about other presentations I have done in this area here.

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